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One out of every five children has a diagnosable mental health need. Unfortunately, not every child who has a mental health need receives services. This could be due to not knowing what services are available; it could be because they have difficulty accessing services, or because of discrimination against those who receive mental health care.

Children’s Mental Health Acceptance Day is organized by Texas System of Care, a state organization dedicated to improving children’s mental health, in collaboration with members of local mental health agencies. It will feature a variety of activities and performances that highlight the importance of promoting children’s mental health, including musical performances, guest speakers, and interactive exhibits.

Mental health is important across the lifespan and it is essential to highlight how supporting children’s mental health can improve lifelong well-being. Celebrating children’s mental health allows us to recognize the impact of positive mental health in healthy childhood development and creates an opportunity to challenge stigma against negative perceptions of mental health. Children’s mental health acceptance day is a call to challenge harmful attitudes that prevent people from seeking help and creates an opportunity to speak openly about mental health.

Why National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day Matters

This special day is all about our kids

Nothing is more important than lending a hand to children and ensuring they don’t face tough times alone. This effort can shield them from enduring severe and long-lasting mental health challenges.

It spreads mental health awareness

Regular mental health check-ups are crucial for everyone, kids included. Some conditions can really affect our quality of life if not caught and treated early. A mental health check could be life-changing.

It’s about making things better for everyone

By acknowledging and celebrating this day, we’re actively spreading awareness to encourage more people to seek help when needed. This will also lead to increased support for children’s mental health services overall.

Children’s Mental Health Acceptance Day 2023

What can you do in your community?